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Cannon Beach Bakery History

Cannon Beach Bakery History

Bestafar (grandfather in Danish). Norms, Dad. Norm on right, and Sister Oda

Working as an apprentice baker in the King's palace of Copenhagen in the early 1900s, Conrad Christensen began his business of baking. Joining the ranks on a freighter in 1911, "Connie" (as known by his friends) worked his way to the United States in search of better possibilities.

Landing in Askov, Minnesota, Conrad started his very own bakery, the Askov Bakery.

Norm, Conrad's son went into the Navy and soon returned afterwards to follow in the footsteps of his father. Norm, who had no intention to bake, found that soon before his arrival home, Conrad had purchased a new oven! Now,

Dan (Norm's son) and Robin Christensen have been baking for nearly 30 years and are continuing their family traditions in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Beginning the trade at the age of 12, Dan is a third-generation baker, with deep family roots in Denmark. These Danish family traditions are still in use at Cannon Beach Bakery today. The Danish is handmade, the eight-grain bread is hearth baked and everything is made from scratch.


Cannon Beach Bakery History

Norm 1964

Cannon Beach Bakery History

Today: Shannon, Robin and Dan

Dan and Robin have recently opened their new bakery in a much upgraded and much larger new building known as the Coaster Village.